How Channel Letters Increase Business

What are Channel Letters?

Many years ago the signs above businesses and stores were painted on, which was fine when each store had its own niche. Now there are many that sell and provide a similar service something else is needed to attract the customer/client. The best way to get people into your business is to make it inviting by making the sign look as attractive as possible. Lighting behind signs is one way that businesses do this, but with most having that now you will need something more to bring in new custom. Channel letters are 3D so stand out greatly in comparison to a flat backlit sign. You can choose from an array of colors, designs and even incorporate your own logo!

Despite many companies and businesses now having chosen an online route, face to face business transactions are still extremely popular. If you use Channel letters they can drum up business from people walking or driving by and as they are created from high quality material they will be attracting attention for many years to come. One example of the difference the letters make would be looking for somewhere to eat, you have two restaurants side by side but the one has channel lettering that is bright and stands out. The chances are the bright lettering will attract your attention and draw you inside over the eatery next door.

Most of the Channel Letters will also be fitted with lighting so even when the sun goes down, even after business has closed people will remember your sign and visit when it reopens. This is 24 hour advertising that can bring in business for years after its fitting.

Impressing clients

Channel letters are not only for eateries, they are also used for many other business types from cable providers to shopping malls. When a client is invited to your business the lettering will help them to locate you easily, even if you are surrounded by other stores.  Potential customers or clients may have been looking for a company just like yours or have even passed the building many times without even noticing it’s there. Without the channel lettering there is a good chance that they never would. If someone visits and likes what you have to offer, whether service or product; they will tell others who will find it easier to find you if you have bright signage that stands out.

Logo recognition

If your company name is not one that people will remember easily channel letters could make describing your company’s location easier. Many of the big companies with this type of signage have coloring or an incorporated logo that stays in the mind of visitors and passersby.  Whether you are in a location surrounded by other businesses or are in a lone standing building, for people to notice you channel signing is an ideal way to get noticed. There’s no need to blend in with others or just be another lit up building when you can join the big, well known businesses just by changing your sign.





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