Car Magnets – An Alternative to Decals

Car magnets and decals have been around for awhile. And you may have seen them on cars around your area, but have you ever seen a car with a decal on it that was ripped, torn, or peeling off? Not exactly the best advertisement is it? How does that reflect on their business? Not too nicely. This is one of the reasons why car magnets have the edge in how to properly advertise on your car. There are other reasons however and lets cover them.


When your car gets dirty, which is inevitable, so will the magnet. Okay that was obvious, but cleaning a magnetic sign is very easy. In fact you can do it with any household cleaner and a soft cloth. All you have to do is wipe down the sign and it’s good to go. But then that leaves the rest of the car dirty doesn’t it. Well then you need to take it off.


This might be a great reason why you should consider magnets as an alternative to the decal. You can simply remove any magnet in seconds. The same can’t be said about decals. So when you need to clean the car or if you are going out on a date you can easily remove the sign for the time period and when you are ready to get back to advertising you can slap that back on and be good to go.

Also to keep in mind is if you will be allowed to advertise in certain locations. For instance if you live in a neighborhood you might want to check the homeowners rules for that area. Some organizations won’t allow personal advertising even if they are parked in their own driveway. If you have a decal this is going to be a big problem.

Cost effective

If you have a small budget for advertising than you need to choose the most cost effective method for gaining customers. Magnets are economical for what you get. you get to advertise wherever you go. They are also cheaper then buying a whole vehicle or vehicle wrap when you can slap on a magnet to whatever vehicle yo are driving. And they are there for long term. Say you decide to sell your current vehicle, do you think you are getting that decal back? Not so much. But a magnet can be removed and put on your new vehicle.

Some cons

If you want to know the downsides of car magnets thats safe and there are few. If you didn’t properly wash your car they can fall off very easily when you are driving, and if you are driving on the highway you can consider that a loss of an investment. Depending on your vehicle the magnets may not stick to the car. And of course, they can easily be stolen. I don;t know why anyone would steal it but it is something not consider.

So when you are making the decision to advertise your business you have a few options for cost effectiveness and large coverage. You can either go with decal or a magnet. While decals have their merits it is safe to say that you should go with a magnet as the benefits outweigh the cons.

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