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Direct mailing campaigns are alive and doing very well. I know you’re probably skeptical but its true. There has been a resurgence in these type of campaigns because the return that businesses are seeing is unmistakable. This includes big and small businesses alike.

Direct mailing campaigns can be very effective for your business to get widespread notice to many potential clients and customers. While it seems dated since the surge of social media and email campaigns, this classic way to engage customers can be very beneficial for your business. You may be asking yourself why you should do a direct mail campaign and hopefully I can give you a better idea of why you could benefit from it.


It’s cheaper. Strange right? With the price of paper and postage it would seem more expensive than most other things, especially email, but that’s not the case. Direct mailing lists are the lowest cost-per-lead campaign that you can do. With the amount coming to out to around $51.00. And not only are they the cheapest campaign but they also offer a higher conversion rate than others. the reason stems from the very basis of these types of campaigns.

Direct mailing is one of the best ways to get your business out into the hands of potential clients. With direct mailing you can target a specific audience that you pick from a mailing list. Demographics will help steer you in the right direction when you choose to do a direct mailing camping. and since the mailing list vendors have been around for decades you will be able to precisely pick who and where your business get’s coverage.

Knowing your audience is critical for any business but knowing your business for direct mailing lists will boost your business up. The ability to target them, get them to open the letter, and have them become a valued client will be pivotal to your success.

You can test out different offers and see what appeals to your particular client. After a few rounds of direct mailers you will know exactly what you need to say, offer, and who it is appealing to. This will help you understand your demographic more too. Two bonuses.


Once you understand who wants what and what works for them you can repeatedly mail to them. Congratulation you just made loyal customers and we all know that a loyal customer is cheaper and more willing to spend then a new one. That doesn’t mean you can’t experiment and test new markets but now you understand you have a reliable base.

Once you have that customer base you can begin selling directly through the mail. Giving special offers makes customers feel more affinity towards your business and giving them a unique code for free shipping or a percent off is a nice benefit of being a loyal customer.

You gain a perspective from the customers that you are sending mail to. You can essentially poll your clients and see what works and what they would be interested from your company. So now with a reliable customers base you have created a research and development team that can perhaps grow your business. Just don’t forget to reward them.

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