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Letterman jackets have become a longstanding tradition for high schools and universities. Letterman, otherwise known as varsity jackets, are a symbol of pride and belonging to a team as well as accomplishment. The process of earning a letterman jacket is pretty simple. You have to make a varsity level team in high school or college and play at least half the season to earn a letter for your letterman jacket. That is the traditional thinking for the jacket but you can also perform well in academics to receive a letter as well. That doesn’t discount other peoples accomplishments, they just don’t get a letter. Usually they receive a letter or certificate. But the big draw here is to earn letters, to earn letters to symbolize what you did and what you accomplished and what team you were a part of.


This process of how this became a tradition is pretty interesting. The varsity jacket originated in Harvard for their baseball team back in 1865. And that was only as a sweater but they earned letters. Eventually as fashion senses had changed and jackets came into the pop culture they switched over to them. But to really have a letterman you have to earn letters. Because you aren’t allowed to just wear the jacket but rather you have to earn a letter to put on the jacket.

Letterman jackets aren’t just for baseball however. Every sport from baseball to football to even academic accomplishments can warrant a letter and therefore a letterman jacket. The tradition is carried on through the accomplishments and pride from them, not a specific sport that you may have played.

Recently letterman jackets have found their way into pop culture and as a piece of fashion sense but it doesn’t carry with it the same pride and accomplishment that a traditional letterman jacket carries.

Besides you can’t earn a letter for good fashion sense. So let’s skip over the recent fashion trend of wearing a plain old letterman jacket with no letters.

In fact let’s talk about one of the biggest providers of a true letterman jacket. DeLong jackets.

DeLong Jackets Knows Tradition

No one knows letterman jackets as well as DeLong does. They have been providing letterman jackets to schools and athletes for over 50 years and symbolize everything that a letterman stands for. Pride, accomplishment, belonging, achievements and supporting a school you love. We even carry the patches that DeLong makes for the letterman jacket to officially make it a part of tradition and school pride.


So before you buy your letterman jacket make sure you have the all important letters first. Then as you build you school career in whatever your endeavor stop offer to purchase a DeLong letterman jacket and show off your school pride. In order to get in the tradition of letterman jackets go and work your tail off to become a part of something and feel the pride from it after you are awarded that letter.

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