Screen Printing

If you are considering making custom t-shirts or you are starting a business that sells them you have probably looked into the best way to make them or buy them. There are typically two options to go with. ( Screen printing and direct to garment printing. Screen printing and direct to garment printing both have their advantages and it is important to know when to choose either.

Screen Printing

Screen printing allows you to produce large amounts of the t-shirt you need to order. Not only that but you are choosing a cost effective method. It is generally a high quality option for your needs and it has the added benefit of being good on specific, individual sections like sleeves or pockets. It however has its drawbacks.

The set up time takes longer and there has to be a minimum order when it is placed. The colors are limited as well are the design options. The finish will tend to flake off or raise up after time and washings. And the one big problem if you are running a store is if you order it this way you will have to order only one design per printing.

Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment printing has its pros and cons just like screen printing. Direct to garment printing can print smaller orders out for more specific needs with no limit on the colors that can be used. And since there are no limits on color you can have more detailed and intricate designs. And the design for it is smoother and less messy than screen printing. The cost is also less up front which is always good for those looking to save money.

However the ink is more expensive than screen printing, so while you save upfront it will cost a little more down the line. Also to consider is the fact that DTG isn’t for large quantity orders. Its more of a customization technique.

So when you are looking for an option for your needs you need to go over exactly what it is you are buying for. For instance if you are ordering shirts for a team or a league it will be better to go with screen printing. And since leagues and teams generally don’t require more colors it will also be better to go with screen printing. For a more specific need it will be best to go with DTG as it will allow for more customization. People who are looking to start t-shirt commerce store should consider buying and using a DTG printer because of the cost effectiveness and not to mention the fact that when an order comes in it can be fulfilled very quickly.

A general rule of thumb when keeping in mind what you need just think about these four main points.


  1. Budget
  2. Size of the order
  3. Colors
  4. Finish required

Keeping all of this in mind will steer you in the right direction and help inform you when you consider your options.

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