What do you call it? ClearView, Window Perf, Window Film

There are tons of ways to advertise your business. Radio ads, billboards, tv ads, direct mail campaigns, flyers, the list goes on. One way that seems to be overlooked is the use of car advertisements. And there are a couple different ways you can go about this. A full or partial vehicle wrap, a car decal, magnet, maybe reflexive vinyl. But now you have to make the decision between Window Film, Clearview, or Window Perf. Well that got complicated. What is the difference between these three. Do you know? Well in case you don’t now is the time to keep reading, if you already know you might need more information on the basics.

Let’s go over the basics.


Adhesive Window Perf is a perforated film with an adhesive backing, usually white on black. It has a 50% perforated area for printing and a 50% area open. As well as offering graphics on one side and a clear, view from the reverse side. Window Perf is used for advertising on car windows and storefront windows alike. So you can advertise on your car and storefront with one side being the ad and the other being see-through so you can go about your business in the car or building. Got It.

Window Film

Window film is what we typically think of as tint for cars which has laws in every state for visibility. But it can be used for numerous applications such as glass surfaces, including homes, and buildings. The reason for its use include, heat and glare reduction, insulation, privacy, decoration, and advertising. So kind of the same concept as WindowPerf but it seems like its more for privacy than advertising but it still has potential as an advertising platform.

The added benefit of window film is definitely the thermal property that it possesses. It claims to be able to reject more heat and infrared lights than having a clear window. Meaning you will have a cooler car in the summer time. Okay got that?


Clear view is an application of vinyl on buildings and cars that can be applied to signs, banners, and vehicle wraps. The main uses for this are advertising. Well that’s strange, they all seem to be a viable advertising platform. Less expensive than a billboard or radio ad. Can seemingly be used as privacy and I’m assuming they help with insulation. Okay so we’re all caught up now.

The only distinctive difference is the brand name. With a few exceptions. Clear view can be applied to tractor-trailers. The Window film is more for car decoration. And Window perf has a distinct ratio to make it more viable for storefront windows. That leaves you with the specific need that you are going for. But other than that it seems to be brand name and maybe the area you live in.

Let’s end this with a question. What do you call it? Clear view? Window film? Windowperf?

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