Terms & conditions



Turnaround TImes – Any and all turnaround times are listed as an approximate time frame and are never guaranteed.
Color – We never guarantee specific color.  We take pride in our quality printing, but some colors do not always come out the same on every machine everytime.  Some blues can be purple, and some reds can be orange in additional to many other color transitions.  This is rare but it can happen.
Order Cancellations – Once orders have been approved for print, te order can not be cancelled.
Refunds are considered on a case by case basis.  Our general policy is that for whatever reason a refund is required a store credit is issued, but if this is not an acceptable option a refund may be issued.  A 100% refund may not be applied due to art time, setup fees, or other reasons where we have put in time and effort towards the job you may want refunded.
Spelling / grammar & incorrect information.  If you are using the online designer you are responsible for any and all errors that occur.  If we design the art for you and you approve the art for production you are 100% responsible for correctness EVEN IF YOU PROVIDED US THE CORRECT INFORMATION.  We show you a proof / sample for you to approve.  If approved wrong, a full payment may be required in order to replace the print.  In most cases we try and help out in any way we can, however, if the matter becomes a legal issue, please understand our policy, that you, the print buyer are responsible for correctness of your print project.
We do not ship internationsally
Pricing on this website. – All prices are subject to change at any time without notice.
This website can have pricing mistakes and if any order comes through that we wish to not fulfill based on a pricing mistake, we reserve the right to cancel any order at any time.  All funds paid for the mis-priced items will be fully refunded or kept for client credits.
 DESIGN ONLINE ORDERS –  I have verified that spelling and content are correct. I am satisfied with the document layout. I understand that my document will print similar as it appears here, that I cannot make any changes once my order is placed, and that I assume all responsibility for typographical & layout errors.  
We reserve the right to refuse service to any person and / or organization.
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